Micro-Markets are modular systems, giving you control over the size and layout of shelves, chillers, microwaves, coffee and drinks machines, and payment terminals, as well as the overall style of the Market. They can fit into a space previously used as a tea point or kitchen, or can form part of a larger breakout area or canteen. 

You can choose what products to carry in the Best Fresh Food Micro-Markets. Stock availability is monitored, as are best before dates, and items replaced or refilled as needed. This means the most popular items are always available, and reduces food waste. Stock information helps you make decisions on what works in your Fresh Food Micro-Market and whether to replace products or increase quantities. Real-time data means restocking can happen without you having to place specific orders.

As well as allowing you to stock items specific to themes or times of the year, the best Micro-Markets can also carry branding and messaging. You can share important information, recognise company achievements, or celebrate wider occasions, from national and religious holidays to sporting successes. So as well as refreshing them, Micro-Markets provide an excellent opportunity for you to reflect the cultures and interests of your people.

Fresh Food Micro-Markets are great for spaces that are used around-the-clock and outside normal working hours. Utilising smart technology, they do not require staffing, so they’re available 24/7. They provide colleagues that might work when most shops are closed with the opportunity to buy essentials from ready meals to bread to gifts for loved ones.

All the best Micro-Markets facilitate contactless, account-based, biometric and app-based payment systems. That includes the ability for customers to receive credit, as a discretionary reward or as a regular part of their pay. Markets can also incorporate security and theft prevention technologies.

Many businesses provide their people with free fresh fruit, making their workplace more attractive and encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Alongside providing fresh fruit (and other products) for Micro-Markets, Cafepoint can also provide fruit to any workplace.

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