We want to make sure you have the right level of service and support, allowing you to stay in control, but without any unnecessary hassle. If you want to look after everything yourself, or if you want us to look after everything from maintenance to coffee restocking, freeing you up to concentrate on other things, we can create a plan that suits.

We will create a tailored payment and service plan that fits your needs. Whether you want to purchase a fully managed coffee machine outright, hire a machine, or if you’d rather lease and upgrade every few years, we’ll structure a plan that works for you.

Cafepoint’s fully-managed service for coffee machine is a popular choice for many clients. It means we take on the responsibility for stock ordering and fulfilment. Our operators will visit regularly to restock coffee beans, check and clean machines whilst we provide you with updates and information as and when you need it. Cafepoint’s manufacturer-trained engineers will also be ready to fix any issues, on-site within industry-leading times.

Fully-managed Service Plans For Coffee Machines include:

All machines require some maintenance. Most require restocking, whether it’s snacks, bottles, coffee beans or milk. Sometimes, things go wrong and only an expert can fix it.

Whilst we generally recommend a fully-managed service, for some clients, it might be better to work reactively, requesting coffee beans restocking or servicing as and when, and taking on the responsibility for cleaning themselves.

Tailored maintenance plans allow flexibility for you, combining scheduled servicing and checks to machines with ad hoc call outs and a balance of responsibilities. And don’t worry, if you take on some of the responsibility, we’ll offer you training and support up-front so you’re ready to go.

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