Innovation in Coffee Machine

We know that your organisation can only succeed if your people are engaged and refreshed. We understand how the food and drink that you provide them reflects who they are, and who they work for. We realise how important it is to reliably, quickly provide refreshment to your people.

You want the best for your people with the minimum of hassle. This informs everything we do, from our first discussion about what food and drink solutions are right for you to the stocking, servicing and maintenance of our coffee machines and systems through the latest innovations.

Cafepoint are your partners in providing the best coffee, Micro Markets, smart vending, water systems and more.


Managed Coffee machine technology is constantly changing what we do and the services we provide. New machines with new capabilities are appearing all the time, redefining how you can provide refreshments for your colleagues, clients and visitors.

At Cafepoint we pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with our coffee machine manufacturer suppliers. We’re amongst the first people to hear about the latest developments in the technology of managed coffee machines that offer more products, require less maintenance, use new interfaces, and learn user preferences. We’re at the forefront of delivering new products in new ways; systems that combine safety and hygiene with easy payment and healthy products; connected systems that deliver messages to users and that predict product levels.

Cafepoint also work hard to constantly improve our online and digital systems. We work with the best digital specialists in the industry to make reporting faults quicker and easier, to improve response times and communications with our engineers in the field, and to provide an uninterrupted supply of food and drink to your people.

Digital platforms and the use of real-time data from systems like Micro Markets and smart fridges also help to reduce food waste by only stocking what users want.

Fairness & Sustainability | Cafepoint Values

Cafepoint are proud to work with Fairtrade Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance, and the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP). We’re committed to being a responsible business that values people over profit. Through these partnerships we know that farmers are treated fairly, rural environments and communities are protected, and sustainability underpins our supply chain.

We are at the forefront of pushing our manufacturer partners to produce ever more energy-efficient models. Machines that waste less and use the latest recycled or reusable packaging and materials.

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